Digitalisation Voucher

A part of Enterprise Ireland’s strategic imperative to increase the digital maturity of Irish enterprise. Research shows that businesses with higher digital maturity see increased profits, exports and employment rates. However, companies with lower digital maturity run the risk of being left behind.

The objective of the Digitalisation Voucher is to facilitate strategic intervention for companies to work with third party consultants to assess their digital maturity and highlight where there is room for improvement. The output of this engagement is a strategic, digital roadmap for your business.

Process Optimisation, Customer Digital Experience and Data Management have been identified as three areas where Irish companies may have the opportunity to differentiate from their competitor on a digital landscape. With that, the associated risks should always be considered e.g. ensuring that Cyber Security is at the forefront of any digital plan.

It is expected that this short assignment (6-12 week engagement) will act as a catalyst for further innovation/training/technical feasibility/capital projects.

For more info contact us or go to the Enterprise Ireland website.